DO YOU EVER get out of work and skip the gym because you’re feeling sluggish? Does this happen to you 1, 2, 3 days in a row only to realize that you haven’t been worked out for the last 3 weeks? Picture your body an year from now. Wouldn’t it suck if you looked and felt the same way? It would. And in fact, you problems may get worse. If you don’t already have back pain, expect it to flare up as your body keeps degrading.

There is another version of this problem. Maybe you are missing workouts because you are trying being ambitious. Are you trying to pack in two-three hours of workout a day and having trouble finding the time? Are you having balancing your commitments with those who aren’t as commited to a health goal? Don’t you wish you could do something in those five minutes when your colleague is late to a meeting?

At Gustavo Luz, we know how to answer these questions. Like you, we already know that working out is more important than the right plan. It doesn’t matter if you know you need to rest 90 seconds after a set if you never do the work. It doesn’t matter what kind of meal you need to have unless you did your 5K. It doesn’t matter if you start, it matters that you finish. We want you to start and stay consistent. We know all the tactics, we’ve been there before. We know how to lose 20 pounds, do CrossFit without injury, Couch to 5K, Sub 4-Hour Marathon, and flexibility. We add in all these details later. Unlike others however, we focus on getting you to stick to it first.

We know that you are not lazy—you are probably already working late and putting lots of love and effort into your relationships—things which we consider to be incredibly important for a happy life. At Gustavo Luz, we understand that leading a healthy lifestyle is often working against the system. This is why we take a different approach—we reinvent the system from the ground. We have solutions to ensure that you always do something for your body and bring awareness to it. In just a few weeks you’ll begin to see results with our daily actions and our Movement Moments.

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