Notes from the PT on my injury.
Notes from the PT on my injury.

It all started with an injury. 

I was in Beijing riding the subway with all my cargo. On my back were 80lbs of clothes, computers, and Chinese textbooks.  The ride was a hopeful one: soon I was to meet my new host family.

Still, something happened on that subway ride that would forever challenge me.

When I was getting off the subway, people rushed as they do in rush hour. The crowd pushed me to the ground and I was trampled underfoot.

Like in your life, shit happens.

My T8 vertebrae twisted to the right and besides the additional responsibilities of daily life, I now had a host of physical challenges to attend to. It turns out, that the best solution is never surgery, but working out. Not only do you have to consistently work out (otherwise you will end up bed-ridden and in unbearable pain)—you also have to be smart about it and do things that are actually effective and destroy you.

FROML Full Range of Motion Lifestyle is the system that I developed to get my life back. With this system you can lose weight, become more mobile, and become stronger.

With this system, we know all the tools and tricks to prevent further physical damage, build up the knowledge required to always be able to do a workout (even if you do not have an internet connection), and actually get stronger and more mobile.

It is a privilege to share this with you. My passion is to support you throughout your experience of physical challenges—whether it is simple weight loss or mobility impairing—and introduce you to the energy and excitement of a life where we are strong, mobile and pain-free.

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