Don't lose it!

Integrate your Full Range of Motion  into your Lifestyle

The Bad News

The older we get, the more mobility we lose.

The more mobility we lose, the more pain we feel. The more disconnected we become from our bodies. The more we

Lower back pain is often fixed by just stretching for a few weeks. Yes, we do need to keep stretching aftewards—but that is exactly the solution we are building.

The more mobility we lose, the weaker we get. When you can't

Shoulder, knee and hip injuries are often a result of being weak when stretched at Full Range of Motion. If you practice putting your joints in mobility, chances are that when your accident happens—either in the house or on the slopes—you won't get injured. You will also be able to recover more quickly.

The Possibilities

Even 50 year olds can do a handstand.

Even older people can do splits.

Even excruciating, bed-ridden pain can be relieved.

Even the stiff, and ungraceful can regain balance and flow.

The How — Current Challenges

Making the How Easy — Our Solution